How do I add more images to my slideshow?

Step 1) Navigate to the slideshow you want to add more images to.

Step 2) Highlight the image you want to add image(s) after

Step 3) Press your Right Arrow Key one time. Then hit Enter.

You should see an open space (like below).

Step 4) Press your Image button.

This should make a Image Properties Pop Up appear.

Step 5) In the Image Properties Pop Up select Browse Server.

Step 6) Add images to the Images section in the File Manager.

For instructions on how to add files, Click Here

Step 7) Double click the image (in the file manager) you want to add into the slideshow.

Step 8) IMPORTANT - remove the height and width that the editor throws in to keep the site responsive.

Step 9) Hit the Blue OK button at the bottom of the Image Properties Pop Up.

Step 10) Repeat steps as necessary to add more images to your slideshow.

Step 11) Hit Submit at the bottom of the page to save your work.