How do I create a webpage

Search for the website you would like to add a page to.

Find the website you would like to log into and click the ... link to log in

Login Screen

The login credentials will be automatically filled in for you. Click Log In button.

Click Edit Website

Click Edit Settings next to website you want to add a page to.

Click on Shortcuts > then Dropdown to webpages

This will show you all the webpages on the site.

View Webpages

Take a look at the webpages and how they are ordered. Decide on what order number you want the new page to be. Then click the [ Add Web Page ] button at the top.

 Create Webpage

 1. Give the Page a Name 2. Use this box to create the page 3. Update the Display Order 4. If you want this page nested under a section, change the level 5. If other webaptes are using a cusotm template  you may need to select this to get the page format to look like the other pages on the site. SEO SEO URL - this will be automatically generated from the page name Page Title - Type in a descriptive title (60 charactors or less) Page Keywords - Add keywords seperated by commas that describe the page Page Description - Type in a sentance (170 charactors or less) that describe this page