How do I create a blog?

Step 1: Log Into the back office of your website

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Step 2: Click on Blog

Step 3: Click [ + Add ]

Step 4: Select Posting Date & Time

Step 5: Enter A Headline

(This must be unique)

Step 6: Enter Authors Name

Step 7: Your Message

This is where the full blog article would go.

Step 8: Blue section is optional

Step 9: Enter in a tagline

(also known as sub-heading)

Step 10: Enter A Short Description

(if your blogs display on your homepage, this is where you would see the short Description)

Step 11: Choose an image to upload

(if your blogs are displayed on your homepage, this is the image that will show_

(this is also the image that will show on your social media accounts if auto-posting is set up) Click Here

Step 12: Select a Web Page Topic

(if you leave this blank, it will post to your blog page)

Step 13: Business Directory Topic

(Select a category that applies to the blog post)

Step 14: Leave SEO URL, Page Title blank

This will be auto-populated from the fields above

Step 15: Enter in Keywords for Better Search Engine Optimization


Step 18: Enter a sentence for Page Description


Step: 19 Click Submit