How do I add an image inside my webpage

Step 1: Log Into the back office of your website

I need help logging in. Click Here

Step 2: Click on Shortcuts > webpages.

Step 3: Find the page you want to add images to and click on Edit

Step 4. Click on the page where you would like the image inserted.

Some webpages are split into columns, you will see a red line where the column starts and stops

Step 5: Click the Add Image Button

Step 6: Click Browser Server to search for or upload the image you want to insert into the webpage.

Step 7: Double Click the image to select it

Step 8: IMPORTANT - remove the height and width that the editor throws in to keep the site responsive.

Step 9: You can use the text alignment buttons if you would like to float the image to the left or right, or center it.