Proofpoint - How do I enable Easy-Spam reporting to email?

Step 1) When logged into the Proofpoint Essentials interface, click on the Spam tab under company or user settings (depending on which level you wish to enable the disclaimer) – here you will find an option to ‘Include an easy-spam-reporting disclaimer in passed email’.

Step 2) Selecting "Yes" from the drop down list will append a footer to the bottom of all inbound email, stating that it has been scanned by Proofpoint Essentials for spam and viruses, as well as adding a great 'easy-spam-reporting' feature which allows users to immediately report if the email has been misclassified from within the message.

Note: Some customers may notice that the Proofpoint Essentials 'Easy-spam-disclaimer' footer is not added to some inbound emails, despite being enabled for the user/company in question.

Three scenarios exist where the footer will not appear on an inbound email, as listed below: 1) An email address or domain that has been whitelisted hence skips spam filtering in the Proofpoint Essentials interface. 2) The MIME construction in the email is incorrect and the disclaimer cannot be added. 3) The email is digitally signed, using a technology such as Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), and the disclaimer cannot be added. If any one of the above scenarios is true, the footer will not be added to the email. If a user receives an email they believe to be spam and the footer has not been appended for any one of these reasons, they can still report the mail as spam by forwarding it to or reporting through the interface.